Chiesa conjured to become a Juventus striker will cover Ronaldo's
Chiesa conjured to become a Juventus striker will cover Ronaldo's

Chiesa “conjured” to become a Juventus striker, will cover Ronaldo’s 20 goals

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Federico Chiesa “transformed” into a striker by coach Juventus , Massimiliano Allegri , in a match group phase of the Champions League against Chelsea .

Allegri found his experiment a great success because Juventus won at home to Chelsea at the Allianz Stadium.

Federico Chiesa, who has been transformed into a striker, played a decisive role in Juventus’ 1-0 win over Chelsea in the 2021-2022 Champions League Group H match, Thursday (30/9/2021) early morning
Allegri installed Chiesa as a striker in Juventus’ 4-4-2 scheme. The biological son of an Italian footballer, Enrico Chiesa, was in a duet with Federico Bernardeschi.
A bold decision from Allegri, considering that Chiesa and Bernardeschi have not been known as pure attackers.

Chiesa conjured to become a Juventus striker will cover Ronaldo's
Chiesa conjured to become a Juventus striker will cover Ronaldo’s

Chiesa is most comfortable playing on the right wing and has served as a full-back several times while still defending Fiorentina .

On the other hand, Bernardeschi is more familiar with the role of a winger and trequartista , although in the past he has also tried the position of central midfielder and false nine, aka a pseudo-nine striker.

Who would have thought that the only goal in the Juventus vs Chelsea match was created thanks to Bernardeschi’s collaboration with Chiesa, only about 10 seconds after the referee blew the whistle for the start of the second half!

“He’s not completely at 100 per cent and this is his first chance to play as a striker,” Allegri said of Chiesa’s performance against Chelsea.
Allegri came to the conclusion that Chiesa was able to continue playing as a Juventus striker

“I told Federico about my evaluation, which is that he can play as a striker or as a supporting striker,” Allegri said.

Senior Italian journalist, Paolo Condo, dared to comment further.

As Tuttomercatoweb reports citing Sky Sport Italia , Condo says Chiesa will be able to fill most of the holes left by Cristiano Ronaldo .

This season, Juventus is considered by many observers to be losing about 30 goals after releasing Ronaldo back to his old club, Man United.

“Of the 30 goals that Ronaldo might lose, I think most of them will be covered by Chiesa,” said Condo.

“From Chiesa, I expected 20 goals,” he added.

Since his career as a professional footballer, Chiesa has never reached the limit of 20 goals in a season.

His sharpest season came in 2020-2021. At that time, the Fiorentina academy dropout scored 14 goals for Juventus in 43 appearances in all competitions.

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